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    To support IMEC’s growth and the promotion of new projects, you can become an individual patron of the Institute. By supplementing the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs of Lower Normandy) and the Lower Normandy Regional Council, your contribution will increase IMEC’s own revenues and help our development. Your donation will help to preserve an artistic and literary heritage, support the dissemination of knowledge, and contribute to the dynamism of local cultural.


    The personal income tax system was unified and improved under the French Law of 1st August 2003 relating to donations, non-profit organisations and foundations, and its subsequent amendments. Donations are 66% tax deductible, up to an equivalent of 20% of your taxable income for individuals. If it exceeds 20% of your income, you can carry forward such deductions for up to five ‘taxable periods’.

    La bibliothèque de l'IMEC © Christophe Daguet

    La bibliothèque de l’IMEC
    © Christophe Daguet