The Institute

A living repository of writing, publishing, and creative expression

Created by researchers and publishing professionals, the Institute for Contemporary Publishing Archives (IMEC) collects, preserves and showcases archival collections and studies devoted to the major publishing houses, journals and individuals playing a role in publishing and contemporary creative expression: publishers, writers, artists, researchers, reviewers, graphic designers, booksellers, printers, playwrights, translators, reporters…

As a living repository of the written word, publishing and creative expression, this cultural heritage plays a part in developing research into contemporary artistic, literary and intellectual life, its creators and mediators, its networks and institutions, and its economy and product.

Through the contributions and donations of individuals, corporations and foundations, the IMEC provides access for researchers to a private, largely unpublished heritage, thus fulfilling its scholarly mission. Through this work, it mediates between researchers and depositors as well as copyright owners.

IMEC missions and activities receive direct support from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs of Basse-Normandie) and the Lower Normandy Regional Council.